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Ben O'Sullivan

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We will work efficiently to provide cost savings to you. Ben O’Sullivan has obtained a Masters Degree in Applied Family Law through the College of Law NSW. He is currently undertaking a further Masters of Law programme in Criminal Law Practice through the University of Wollongong. Ben has further extensive practical experience in operating retail businesses, thus providing an understanding of the issues involved with advanced financial planning, trusts and accounting. Such knowledge is routinely relevant in the practice of family law. We will provide you with an initial free consultation and Case Management Plan. ? We will provide you with clear and concise legal advice. ? We will regularly review and discuss your matter to ensure the most appropriate options and strategies are considered so as to achieve the best outcome for you. Our office is located at 95 Pitt Street Sydney. It is easily accessed by bus, train, ferry and car parking facilities nearby. For busy professionals we offer early morning client conferences from 7. 00 am and after work conferences until 9. 00pm. We can also see clients by appointment at Wollongong, Miranda, Hurstville, Parramatta, North Sydney, St. Leonards, St Ives and Hornsby. For international and intra/inter state clients we can service you with skype client conferences. We will keep you appraised of costs so at all times you are making informed decisions in relation to your case management. Our goal is to provide you with service second to none. In the provision of family law legal services we strive for excellence. You contact us on t: 8079 5200 or email: info@familylawlegal. com. au We look forward to hearing from you and discussing with you how we can make a difference and stand up for you when it counts.


  • Banking & Finance

  • Corporate Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Family law

  • Real Estate & Conveyancing

  • Motor Accident

  • Arbitration

  • Defamation Law

  • Work Claims

  • Human Rights Law

  • Childrens Law

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Address: 95 Pitt Street,, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


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